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Santa's Naughty Girl of the year!
Betty White

It is hard to imagine a better choice for the first Santa's Naughty Girl of the Year than the high-octane octogenarian, the grande dame of the Geritol® generation, Ms. Betty White.

Best known for her television roles as the man-hungry “Happy Homemaker” Sue Ann Nivan on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and as Rose Nylund, the naive native of St. Olaf, Minnesota who served as the perfect foil to Rue McClanahan's overtly oversexed character, Blanche Devereaux, on Golden Girls, White is experiencing a resurgence in her career as free-speaking great-grandmother type who hasn't lost her just rolled into the gutter.

Just weeks from her 89th birthday (born January 17, 1922), White's career is as bright as the Klieg lights that illuminate the sets she appears on. In 2010 alone, White has appeared in one movie (You Again), Co-stared in an hit TV series (TV Land's Hot in Cleveland) and made guest appearances in two other small-screen series (NBC's Community, and ABC's The Middle). But it was White's stand-out performance as guest host of NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL)in May of 2010 brought another wave of critical acclaim, and history as the oldest person to ever guest host the late night comedy show.

Though a woman of great humility, White is accustomed to such accolades. With over six decades in show business, (she began her career in Radio in 1947), earning seven Emmys and over 20 Emmy nominations, in her illustrious career, including a Primetime Emmy award for her SNL appearance.

White entered the entertainment industry as the golden era of radio was fading and Television was in its infancy. The original fresh and funny face of TV, White's early on-screen persona was as clean as her last name implied. So much so, in fact, that critics panned her, even as audiences embraced her.

So how did the epitome of virtue and wholesomeness become such a potty mouth? Certainly, her Hot in Cleveland character, Elke Ostrovsky, might borrow a line from Mae West: “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”

Hot in Cleveland
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However, in an age of no-holds-barred language and graphic sexual imagery on TV, Ms. White prefers...and excels in...the art of implied imagery: innuendo and double-entendre. White possesses a wicked, randy and risque sense of humor, and delivers it with great depth and skill, as she demonstrated on SNL.

White's quick-wit and her verbal prowess is no doubt reason for her years of success as a celebrity contestant on TV game shows such as What's My Line, To Tell the Truth, Pyramid, Password and Match-Game, earning her reputation as “The First Lady of the Game Shows.” It was in this era of live primetime game shows that White polished the art of the risque retort. It serves her to this day.

Thus, we celebrate Santa's Naughty Girl of the Year, Ms. Betty White.  In her honor, will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of our merchandise to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Congratulations Betty on a stellar year, and may many more follow.  May we celebrate your naughtiness long into your nonagenarian years!

In addition to Supporting the ASPCA, SantasNaughtyGirls.Com wishes to honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, especially our Citizen-Soldiers...the National Guard and Military Reserve...for their dedication and devotion to duty; putting their lives on the line every day to defend the United States Constitution and the freedoms we all enjoy.  Honoring their commitments overseas takes a toll on our soldiers, but it places an even greater burden on those they love; the wives, husbands and children of our servicemembers.
USA Cares is an organization dedicated to helping military families in their time of need, allowing uniformed servicemembers to stay mission-focused, knowing their love-ones are watched over back home.  That is why is committed to donating an additional 10% of proceeds from the sale of merchandise to USA Cares.

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